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Introducing Ebony Rae Shop Blog

My Name is Ebony Rae

"Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is HOV." Just kidding but I love that Jay Z line and thought it would be a good intro since I'm reintroducing myself and my creations to the world.

This is my first official blog post for the "Ebony Rae blog" and I created this blog and my shop as a representation of myself. I hope other people can relate to my posts or just enjoy what I'm putting out into the universe. I'm all over the place (in a fun creative way) and this blog will be too.

I'm a girl's girl mixed with a little geek, tons of creativity and a pop of sass. I love sharing my creative passions  to "THE WORLD, CRAIG"! (Guess you can also add goofy to that description too.) 

Where I've been...

I'm a creator & maker at heart and I've always loved being different! I started making duct tape wallets in 2011 then started selling them at local craft fairs and opened a shop on Etsy. Duct tape wallets evolved into all the cool handmade items you see in my shop today.

In July 2016 I was laid off from my job of 8 years as an event coordinator when the company was sold, which was actually a blessing in disguise. It gave me the opportunity to be there as a full time caregiver for my mom in her finale year as she battled breast cancer. My mom was one my #1 supporter and always encouraged me to follow my creative dreams.

Where I'm going...

This year (2018) I've decided I'm going to go hard with my creative passions and building a career out of it or I'll just have to figure out a new path in life. I created my new website EbonyRae.com and Facebook page @ebonyraeshop with a goal of working hard getting my work out their and being able to make a living off the items I make and the creative services I offer. 

With this blog...

  • Show my crafty, geeky & sassy personality
  • Share my unique creations
  • Teach you how to make cool some stuff

    Tell me about some of the posts you'd like to see from me in the comments below.

    I hope you enjoyed my first post and you're looking forward to reading more from me. You can always tweet me at @ebonyrae619 and follow me on Instagram @ebonyrae619 .

    Please subscribe, SHARE and tell a friend or your entire friend's list. ;)

    Thanks for checking me out! ✌

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