A Little About What I Create...

Fun, sassy, pop culture & geek chic influenced designs out of cool unconventional materials.


Duct Tape Items by Ebony Rae

Duct Tape

I started my crafting journey with duct tape and it's not just classic gray duct tape anymore! Nowadays it comes in your favorite characters, cool patterns and vibrant colors. Duct tape is my favorite material to work with because it's durable, water resistant and the design creations are endless.

Comic Book Designs by Ebony Rae

Comic Books

What's better than buying a comic book and letting it collect dust in a drawer or just tossing it.... Making a one of a kind purse or wallet with it! That way you can have your comic book and wear it too! My comic book purses and wallets are a cool way to rep your fandom and have a unique handmade design.

Upcycled Candy Boxes by Ebony Rae

Candy Boxes

With a major sweet tooth and love for quirky designs, I decided to upcycle a candy box and made a clever little wallet with it. I receive a ton of compliments when I use my Sweet Tarts wallet out and about so I had to make more. These wallets are unique, fun and anyone who loves candy has to have one!

My Story.... 

The Idea

I've been a creator and maker ever sense I can remember making purses for my dolls out of old shirts as a kid. So it was natural for me to start making my own designs again once I saw a tutorial on how to make duct tape wallets in 2011. After I made my first wallet I was hooked and begin making purses and wallets for my family and friends. From there I opened up an Etsy shop and begin attending craft fairs and local events to sell my creations.

100% Handmade

All designs are handmade by me and I look for unconventional materials that are unique or just something I can upcycle and put my crafty spin on. My goal when creating is to be original, fun and only create items I would wear myself or give as a gift. I enjoy trying new designs when I come across random materials, so you' ll see various items in my shop that are truly one of a kind because they can't be duplicated because supplies are limited. ;)

Inspiration & Motivation

My Mother passed away from breast cancer August 3, 2017 and she was a huge part of my life. My Mom was a fun, vibrant and very caring person. She's also where I get my style influence from (I get my style for my Momma :). The pic below is of her wearing a custom Ebony Rae Shop purse! My Mom was my always my #1 motivator and supporter.

My Mom wearing a custom Ebony Rae Shop design!

Her fun spirit and caring nature is always on my heart and mind with everything that I do. In an effort to keep my Mom's memory alive and honor her values, I decided to start the Carolyn Toliver Breast Cancer Foundation to give back. It's a foundation created to give love, joy and financial support to women as well as their caregiver family members throughout their journey with breast cancer. It's what my Mom would've wanted me to do! 

Meet the Woman behind the designs

About Ebony Rae

Ebony Rae
Creative  Extraordinaire, 
(Maker of Cool Stuff)
San Diego, CA

The 80's made me and the 90's raised me which means you'll definitely get a fun nostalgic vibe to the items I create. I'm a Southern California native which adds to my cool laid back style.  

Best way to describe me: A girl's girl mixed with a little geek, tons of creativity and a pop of sass! 

My Mission: To bring a little joy with my creations as well as honor my Mom by giving back

What I do: I design, create, package, ship and do all of the social media/ website stuff myself. Completely self taught by doing my own research and trail/error. I'm enjoying learning and growing my business and I hope it shows. 

Why I do this: I truly enjoy creating fun items that makes you smile or feel nostalgic. I love expressing myself through my style and designs. I also know what the breast cancer journey with a loved one feels like. I want to be able to help others throughout their journey with breast cancer from my experiences with my Mother. So I create to give back!

My Favorite Quotes:

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." - Oscar Wilde

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." - Maya Angelou

"Treat others better than they treat you." - Carolyn Toliver (my Mom)


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