Carolyn Toliver Breast Cancer Foundation

A Foundation In Honor Of My Mom

Mission Statement:

Giving love, joy and financial support to women as well as their caregiver family members throughout their journey with breast cancer.

Carolyn's Story

My mother, Carolyn Toliver was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2005. She had a lumpectomy, was treated with radiation, chemotherapy and was in remission for about 4 1/2 years. Her cancer returned in 2009 and her diagnosis changed to metastatic breast cancer. My Mom always said she was a fighter and would give cancer a run for it's money, and that she did! She gave it a long hard fight from 2009-2017 with many rounds of various chemo treatments until she passed away from metastatic breast cancer on August 2017.

People that know my Mom, Carolyn Toliver would describe her as a caring, giving, fun spirited (and very stylish woman). ;) When my Mom passed away my brother and I knew we had to do something. We decided to start a foundation to keep her memory alive and honor our Mother's values.

My Goal

Throughout my Mom's battle with breast cancer I was right by her side as her daughter and caregiver. I want to use my personal experiences with my Mom to help others throughout their journey with breast cancer. When you're diagnosed with breast cancer and going through treatments things can be overwhelming. My goals is to help families emotionally, financially as well as provide a little joy along the way. But I can't do this alone, I also need help from all of YOU!

Carolyn Toliver Foundation - Carolyn's 50th Birthdat

Carolyn Toliver for her 50th Birthday
(Her favorite colors were red and zebra)


Carolyn Toliver Foundation - Carolyn with her chemo nurse

Carolyn Toliver with her chemo nurse.
(Carolyn loved the hospital staff and they loved her back)


Carolyn Toliver Foundation - Carolyn with her kids Ebony and Shay

Ebony, Shay, Carolyn
(Carolyn Toliver with her kids)


Carolyn Toliver Foundation - RIP Carolyn Toliver

Rest In Heaven Carolyn Toliver. We love and miss you!


Please contact me at or via Facebook with any questions about the foundation or how you can help with starting the Carolyn Toliver Foundation.

Carolyn Toliver Breast Cancer Foundation