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Ebony Rae

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Cool Starfire fandom women's wallet
Unique long ladies wallet
Starfire DC Comics Comic Book wallet
Upcycled Recycled wallet for women
Starfire Comic Book Women's Wallet, Unique Wallets for Women, Comic Book Women's Wallet, Ebony Rae - Ebony Rae Shop
Unique women's wallet upcycled from the pages of a Starfire from Teen Titans comic book. 

You’ll love it because: It’s unique, handmade, water resistant and it features the pages of Starfire learning what its like living in earth!

Perfect for:
  • Starfire fan or cosplayer (Starfire fandom gear)
  • A unique gift
  • To hold your cards, cash and coins... Great to grab and go!
  • Has inside pocket to hold your cards/ cash
  • Metal snap closure so you won't lose your goods
  • Measures almost 7 inches long, 3.5 inches tall and about 1.5 inches wide.
An unique Starfire wallet you won't find anywhere else!

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